The Biology of Sexuality in Men and Women

According to studies done on human biology: the sexual response is wired differently in heterosexual men and women and understanding these differences is crucial for sexual fulfilment. /Ma Anand Sarita/


  • Can enjoy sex without love, as a recreational activity.

  • Can enjoy sex, bonded with intimacy and love.

  • Thinks about sex approximately twice in one hour.

  • Undresses women in his mind because his brain is wired to desire to see women’s body parts as a form of stimulation for his sex hormones. (This is why the porn industry is able to prey on men and get men addicted to this destructive habit.)

  • It takes him approximately 3 minutes to move from a flaccid state to full erection, ready for ejaculation.

  • After one ejaculation he needs to rest and recharge as he just released approximately 500 million sperm.

  • Is in general ever ready for sexual union (unless he has recently ejaculated) as his sexuality is visually based and just seeing an attractive ovulating woman gets him revved up and ready for sex.

  • In order to be aroused by a woman, she needs a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 which indicates fertility.

  • Testosterone levels gradually diminish with age and therefore, his ability to get erections and engage sexually will diminish with age unless he practices Tantra conservation of semen methods.

  • Has a tendency, to experience local genital orgasms and if he learns Tantra methodology, can develop his ability for full body orgasms with or without ejaculation.


  • Cannot separate sex from love.

  • Thinks about romantic love and sexual union approximately once per hour.

  • Yearns to bond in deepest intimacy, body heart and soul with her sexual partner.

  • Needs an emotional and spiritual connection with a partner in order to feel sexually fulfilled.

  • Gets addicted to her partner’s sperm as it contains a cocktail of antidepressant chemical which make her high. With this comes attachment to the partner and adaptation to his way of being, physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Needs approximately 20 minutes of erotic and romantic play before penetration in order for her clitoral network to be aroused enough to receive her partner’s lingam.

  • Commonly needs 3-6 orgasms before she feels sexually satisfied.

  • After orgasm, remains on an orgasmic plateau for approximately 20 minutes, ready for more orgasms.

  • Her desire for orgasm is ruled by her moon cycle and therefore, she is attracted to sex for different reasons at different times of the month.

  • As long as her health is maintained, she can have multiple orgasms into her 90’s and beyond.

  • She is able to experience a wide range of orgasmic pleasure, including, localised clitoral orgasm, G-spot orgasm, cervical orgasm, multiple orgasm, chain orgasm, full body orgasm and amrita.

How to Find Sexual Harmony Between Men and Women 

From reading this you may wonder how it is actually possible to bridge the glaring differences in men and women and if sexual harmony is actually achievable?

Tantra is an art and a science which helps us in bridging the differences. In fact, through Tantra we discover that men and women are complementary opposites. We fit together like lock and key.

Here are some tips to help in discovering the right key for heterosexual relationship.

For Men to Learn

Approach sex with a woman as you would approach a very refined musical instrument. Tune the instrument, listening carefully to the sounds and find exactly the right toning before you begin playing music. This means, enter into romantic and erotic play before you move into penetration of her yoni. A woman responds to your presence very profoundly.

Just lying in your arms imbibing your scent and feeling your strength can be a deeply fulfilling experience for her. She responds sexually to soft lighting and beauty in the surroundings. She responds to compliments, poetry, dance, ritual and gift giving. These forms of erotic play are wired into her sexual chemistry.

When she is in complete arousal she is then really ready to receive you in your wild sexual animal. Before complete arousal, she can at the most accommodate you, but this will not be fulfilling for you or her.

To become a master lover, explore the phenomenon of forgetting about any goal and just being present with her in deep love and adoration, whether you are in penetration or not. This will lead to a profound circulation of your energies, yin and yang. It is when yin and yang come into a full circle together that deepest sexual fulfillment is achieved.

 Find positive ways she can surrender to your masculine charms. Learning some form of dance, such as Salsa or Tango and taking her out dancing, in a milieu where she can dress up and surrender to you in public and through the dance, is one of the best ways you can find harmony in your relationship. Learning massage is another way you can really nurture a positive relationship. When a couple does regular massage exchanges it engenders deep fulfilment in all areas of their lives.

Creating romantic surprises is also a way to win the heart of a woman. Let it be something she and you will both enjoy and something that helps her surrender to you. It can be as simple as rose petals in a fragrant bath or as complex as a surprise trip to Paris. Be endlessly creative and inventive in your ability to surprise her and your relationship will always be fresh and alive with passion and joy.

Learning Tantra together is one of the very best ways to help your relationship and your sexuality to evolve to a whole new level. In Tantra, sexuality, love and relating includes a spiritual dimension where two opposites become one..

For Women to Learn

Adore his lingam as God. Sense that as you touch his genitals you are in prayer. When he feels your worship of his power for procreation, his heart will automatically open to you.

When you have worshipped his lingam, then you may like to spread this erotic and devotional energy all over his body through massage. Admire his muscles, his chest, his scent. Surrender in his arms.

Do not chase him. It is in the man’s nature to chase the woman. Let him know through body language and subtle signs that you are receptive to his charms.

Enjoy your femininity in his presence. Don’t try to copy him by become manly. Be fully in your femininity. The more feminine you are, the more magnetic attraction there will be between you.

A man is naturally hardwired to enjoy receiving services from his woman, such as lovingly prepared food, massage, erotic dance (which he can gaze on in adoration and wonder of your beauty) and a home environment which is pleasing to his senses.


Remember, his sexuality functions through his eyes. He is biologically programmed to admire attractive women. Beauty comes from within so the most important aspect of being beautiful is feeling your beauty in all that you are and all that you do....


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