Alar Krautman

Alar Krautman
Alar KrautmanMana Tantric therapy


He is founder and owner of Alar Krautman Health Academy. He has worked as a therapist and a masseur therapist over 25 years and as a teacher over 15 years.

Mana Tantric therapy

Alar is a teacher of Estonian and oriental traditional medicine. He is the founder and owner of Alar Krautman Health Academy. He has worked as a therapist and a masseur therapist for over 25 years and as a teacher over 15 years. He is the developer of several therapies (Ancient Estonian Therapy "Soonetasumine", Yumi therapy, Mana therapy, Estonian honey massage). In addition to many trainings and workshops, he is also conducting nature- and empowering practices such as sauna rituals and the Werewolf. He has been directly involved with tantra for around 5 years, but in an indirect sense, every natural therapy contains some aspects of tantra. He is a passionate therapist and he can do the kind of therapy what your body needs at the moment – body opening or emotionally and energetically releasing bodywork.

MANA Tantric Terapy

Mana tantric therapy is a massage style which through the release of physical and energetic body guides us to emotional release. Massage includes yoga practice, guided dance movements, breathing techniques and of course massage itself. Our emotions and internal traumas are stuck in certain locations in our body: muscles, internal organs, various brain parts, as to our whole body’s holistic being. Meditative massage together with other techniques helps to unveil layer by layer our most hidden places in our body and mind. One can experience this in various ways, through different sensations, either release in physical body, more refined perception of the senses, surfacing of emotions and so on. Duration 1.5-2h

Balancing the internal organs


This massage slightly touches the whole body, but the main focus is to heal the internal organs both physically and energetically. This massage improves the blood circulation in the internal organs, supports better functioning of your gut and digestion in general. It also helps with the placement of internal organs and increases the energy and improves the functioning of your kidneys. Working with kidneys and the area of the genitals helps to improve the blood supply of your pelvic floor and the functioning of the respective organs. Generally, this massage gives a lot of release and is very pleasant, making the belly soft, and the body free and alive. There is a possibility to go for deeper tantric practices during the session. If you have more serious blockages, it is possible to go to a pleasant pain threshold with your consent. Duration 1-2h.

Yumi therapy


Yumi therapy is a thorough bodywork, through which we efficiently work through the physical body, but due to its meditative rhythm, acupressure and focus on energy channels it also allows to reach to deeper levels of our being. It can also include soft chiropractic techniques if desired. You will feel light and rested and recharged to go play and dance! Duration 1-1,5h.

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