AmiyaAwaken the Wisdom of Love


One of the brightest talents she emanates and shares is her excellence in singing, playing and producing life-changing, healing music.

„Awaken the Wisdom of Love“ - an exclusive musical lecture with AMIYA

AMIYA is a spiritual teacher, sought-after speaker, best-selling book author, singer, and composer. AMIYA is the founder and the leader of a successful self-development and personal growth center "SoulACTION". She is an author of several long-term study programs (extensive, transformative 3-year programs). During the last 12 years „SoulACTION“ has transformed the lives of dozens of people. AMIYA is also an author of two best-selling books on self-development and spiritual growth for women and couples. She is also a prominent motivational, transformational speaker, who shares her wisdom in classical as well as authentic formats – mixing music with words. AMIYA started her own spiritual development as early as the age of 14. Already at that age, she immersed herself into many spiritual practices and travel worldwide meeting and learning from the most prominent teachers. This eventually led her to study Tantra with the enlightened master Ma Ananda Sarita. Yet one of the brightest talents she emanates and shares is her excellence in singing, playing and producing life-changing, healing music.

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For courses and teachings: www.soulaction.lt/en 

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Delightfuly surprising musical-lecture, where AMIYA speaks and sings about different qualities of Love.  So, in other words, she teaches, how one can create a life of abundance, where love becomes a joyous, natural, daily state despite any life circumstances, where Love becomes a main lesson and a most important teacher leading to the deepest Wisdom. And in between AMIYA sings beautiful, magnificent songs which allow the audience to experience her teachings emotionally, energetically and spiritually as well. Also, the audience is invited to actively particiate: sing together, reflect on their lives and individual experiences.


Musical-lecture „Awaken the wisdom of Love“ will be performed by AMIYA together with her friends – outstanding musicians and beautiful souls: Agne Doveikaite and Vytis Smolskas.

ABOUT Agne Doveikaite 

Agne is emotional intelligence trainer, speaker, hosting experiential seminars, lecturer at “The School of the Sacred Feminine”, professional violinist and licentiate of arts holding the name of "Ambassador of Kindness" of the Franciscan order. Agne plays with prestigious orchestras such as "Kramerata Baltica", which holds a Grammy award. She is also a winner of many international contests. Due to her international merits, Agne received the acknowledgment from the President of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus. 


ABOUT Vytis Smolskas 

Vytis is an especially talented and well-recognized musician, who is passionate about the extraordinary capabilities of keyboard instruments, as well as limitless creativity unleashed by jazz and improvisational music.

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