Prem Radha

Prem Radha
Prem RadhaBirth of Love

For over 10 years, Radha has been conducting trainings, tantric groups, women's practices, individual sessions

Birth of Love

Prem Radha (Albina Dryagina) Russia

A body-oriented therapist, practicing psychologist, healer, master of tantra, certified meditation trainings coach, and Osho-meditations facilitator. She’s a woman going through her life in a tantric way. Being in self-development and practice since 1999, she worked as part of research teams on bio-energy with the leading Russian research scientists combining scientific knowledge about the body and energy and what is more subtle - intuition, feeling, creativity.

Rada was born in Siberia. She’s got a classical education in the field of psychology. Then traveling a lot, she studied oriental mystics, Siberian shamans practices along with the ancient Slavic and oriental traditions connecting all this with the psychotherapeutic practice and the way of tantra, yoga and meditation. She received the initiation from a tantric master.

For more than 10 years, she has been conducting trainings, tantric groups, women's practices, individual sessions attended by more than 4,500 people. She was a student of Anisha Dillon (USA), an author of the method "Tantric pulsations" She works mainly with women. Passing through the path of revealing the feminine nature in itself, generously shares this with others. Also Rada is a coach of tantric groups and individual sessions for couples.

“Prem” means love. “Rada” means a river that flows its waters directly to the source. My path is the path of Love in everything I do.”

A workshop on love and intimacy in relationships, on trust, on how to be in relationships with a partner and at the same time preserve yourself, your integrity, and self-worth.

In the constantly accelerating rhythm of modern life, we have lost the ability of a qualitative presence that is born from the silence of the body, purity and inner space, we have lost the ability to meet ourselves.

Let this meeting happen!

Connecting through breathing, movement, and energy with yourself and your inner light, we will meet with a partner. When energy flows, see and feel, feel and accept yourself and your partner, allow yourself to accept love and share it as the energy flows right now, in the moment. It s the moment when presence and intimacy become real bliss.

Workshops offered by Radha:

  • June 1, 15.00-18.30....Tantra: Birth of Love
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