Prem Radha

Prem Radha
Prem RadhaBirth of Love

For over 10 years, Radha has been conducting trainings, tantric groups, women's practices, individual sessions

Birth of Love

A group about love and intimacy in a relationship, about trust, about how to be in a relationship with a partner and at the same time maintain yourself, your integrity, self-worthiness.
Connecting through breath, movement, energy with oneself and one’s inner
light. From this state you will meet with a partner. When energy flows,
see and feel, feel and accept yourself and your partner, allow yourself
to accept love and share it as the energy flows right now in this moment.
It is then that presence and intimacy become real bliss.

Workshops offered by Radha:

  • June 1, 15.00-18.30....Tantra: Birth of Love

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