Prem Svaraj

Prem Svaraj
Prem SvarajOsho Pulsations


psychologist, Osho-therapist, using in his work Osho Pulsation (Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork), Primal Therapy, Transessence technique, Essence Work and Energetic Thai Yoga massage.

Osho Pulsations - Freeing the Armored Heart

The structure of this group aims at realization and relaxation of the muscular armor in the chest, back, shoulders and arms. Tensions in these areas of the body hold back feelings and emotions related to the heart's ability to live and show its qualities, such as love, trust, openness, compassion, ability to share energy and feelings.

Pulsation work has the potential to give people a glimpse of love where it can always be found. When the heart is pulsating naturally, a complete change in gestalt is possible as the realization dawns: “Love is inside me. It has nothing to do with anybody else. It is my own state of being.”

Workshops offered by Svaraj:

  • May 30, 15.00-18.30....Neo Reichan Pulsations: Emotional Release
  • June 1,  11.00-13.30....Freeing the Armored Heart
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