AstiFestival Organizer


Osho Center Latvia, Shamanic Dance and Music Festival organizer.

Osho Active Meditations

For 10 years Asti traveled the East, meditating, unburdening from conditionings and masks, getting to know the self. During this time he fell in love with energy work, meditation, meditative therapies and bodywork. Now he leads a meditation centre in Latvia, facilitating meditation groups, Osho Meditative therapies – Mystic Rose, Born Again, No Mind and ARUN Conscious Touch meditation. 
Asti organizes Shamanic Dance&Music Festival, Osho Festival in Latvia and this year is the first Tantra Festival in Latvia under his and Abhika's guidance.

Workshops offered by Asti:

  • May 31, 07.00-08.30....Osho Dynamic Meditation
  • June 1,  07.00-08.30....Osho Dynamic Meditation
  • June 2,  07.00-08.30....Osho Dynamic Meditation
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