Bharganath & Bhavani

Bharganath & Bhavani
Bharganath & BhavaniSacred Sexuality


For many years they have traveled around the world, opened and experienced different ways of spiritual teachings and practices.

Sacred Sexuality

For many years we travel around the world, open and experience different ways of spiritual teachings and practices. 

In this mystical process called Life on this beautiful and inspiring planet Earth for exploring of our consciousness we get knowledge Yoga, Dao, Osho therapies and many other meditative and healing techniques. 

Though the most close to our heart is Tantra - the most beautiful science about Life, the path of Heart and Love. This is the path where we met, experience which we preserve, extend and go on finding the new dimensions.

This is a gift we share in our meetings, courses and intensive groups  in Europe, Russia and India helping people to open up to another dimensions of intimacy, love and fullness of life.

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