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Sy & Ash
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We work internationally and all around the UK offering evenings, weekend workshops and retreats, and festival playshops. We also hold life-changing private coaching and one-to-one sessions for men, women and couples.

Love Temple

We are the Love, Sex, and Intimacy Coaches. Through many different styles of delivery, from workshops (we like to call them Play-shops!), conscious connection spaces (a.k.a. the Love Lounge), couples retreats and one-to-one sessions, we create incredible spaces where you can explore yourself, your relationship, your sexuality and your spirituality in powerful, profound and personal ways.

We have a playful, creative & alternative approach to life and we have been loving, working and playing together for the last 23 years. Our personal journeys with Tantra and Sacred Sexuality support us to explore the joys of relationship and sexuality in many different ways and this continues to deepen our connection and openness with ourselves, each other, and those around us.

We have extensive and varied experiences and training which we draw upon in all our work. We are both Sacred Sexual and Shamanic healers and coaches, we are trained in Daoist, Tantra, Sexological Bodywork and Sacred Sexual techniques, we work with Tantric Massage, Conscious Touch, Intuitive & Energetic Awareness, Magnified Healing and Tantric Ceremony, to name just some of our skills. Between us we also have Counseling, Psychology, Relationship & Coaching and Sports Massage qualifications.

Workshops offered by Sy & Ash:

  • May 30, 15.00-18.30....Empowered Yes, Ecstatic No
  • May 31, 11.00-13.30....Energy Sex
  • May 30-June 1, 23.00-......Love Temple


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