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Heart Tantra

About Us

HEART TANTRA is Asti and Abhika, two friends, two meditators with 20 years of experience on the Path and 15 years experience in organizing and leading Tantra Events, Workshops and Festivals.

HEART TANTRA was born when we realize that each and every our event share the same quality of energy. We received so many feedback from participants , that finally we felt that it’s our vision, the combination of our energies and life experience create the energy that is grounded, supportive, stable and secure and at the same time vibrant, juicy, playful and loving.

The next step was to find a name….
What came immediately was the HEART, the middle point between sexuality and meditation, Earth and Sky, vertical and horizontal dimension.

The uniting point of all Heart Tantra events is the vision that our Heart is the starting point of Tantra practice. Once you are rooted there, you can go both directions: downwards – discovering and playing with your sexual energy or upwards – towards Meditation.

Heart Tantra see it’s mission in creating and providing a safe and protected space for this Divine Play to take place.

Here, in this page, we’ll give you an information about all our upcoming events, and the name Heart tantra is a guarantee that whatever event you decide to attend, you’ll find the same vision and quality of energy.

With love, Asti and Abhika.




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Melting in the heart

Dance like no one is watching

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Divine play of opposites